The success of the BDR Championship is dependent on the team of volunteers who help support the tournament.

Sign up to volunteer below or contact Gina Higbee at gina@blackdesertresort.com.


Volunteers are critical to the success of Black Desert Resort Championship presented by MARCELLA. From transporting players, to working in the admissions booth, or supporting the competition, there are many committees to choose from.


Spotters will be placed on the fairways in specific locations to help find and locate the player’s ball. Must be aware of where the players ball may have landed whether it be lost, in the water, penalty area etc.

Quiet signs holders

Will be placed on all greens and tee boxes to remind any spectators to be quiet while they are hitting. You will be able to sit in a chair between groups.


Will be assigned to a certain hole to ensure safety is provided for spectators as well as the players. This may include looking for balls if lost, keeping spectators away from landing areas as well as protecting the balls when they’ve landed by marking it with a small flag.

You want the hole you are assigned to run smoothly and safely. There may include more than one marshal per hole


Assist in placing and picking up ecology cans/bags in various locations on the golf course.

Assist with removal of trash on the course, hospitality areas as well has volunteer headquarters, etc.

Coordinate with volunteer groups to make sure all trash is picked up in all areas to maintain cleanliness and classy.

Hospitality venue

You will be in a hospitality area or VIP venue to welcome people in as well as restock food, drinks, sponsor information etc. We will want you to create a true VIP experience for all guests that have the credentials to enter.

Assist with set up and clean up at the beginning as well as the end of each day.


This may include you being placed by the main leaderboard on the 18th green or other leaderboards on the course. You may also be in the scoring are with the players to ensure scoring is done properly, added up correctly and signed by the appropriate players according to the USGA.

Walking or riding scorer

You would be assigned to one specific group for all 18 holes and be required to keep track of each players scores then radio the scores to the designated leaderboards.


Not always but sometimes players are in need of a caddie and we will provide a player with a volunteer to walk all 18 holes with them and carry their golf bag.

You must be physically in condition to walk several miles carrying the bag as well as keep up with the player.

You must know proper golf etiquette to caddies as you will need to know where you can and can’t be when players are hitting.


Driving Range attendant

Secure and maintain range balls are stocked at all times as well as coolers with water bottles for players.

Keep driving range clear of clutter, practice bunker raked, club cleaning water replaced as needed

Hand out Caddie Bibs to the caddies

Standard Bearers

You will walk with a designated group and hold a sign displaying their score in relation to par or total cumulative score

You will be responsible to keeping that score current after each hole.


Provide transportation to players possibly in different areas on the course as instructed, VIP services, parking lot etc.

Must be a minimum of 18 years old with a current driver’s license


Help assistant and direct spectators, caddies, players, staff etc. as to where they park in designated areas for each

Volunteer Assistance

Keep the designated volunteer area open all during the tournament week.

Ensure beverages, snack and food items are stocked at all times.

Responsible for the distribution of meals and drinks to the volunteers out on the course.

Help with meal prep for volunteers

Special events and Pro-Am

Will work closely with Gina Higbee in pairings and groups for the tournament as well as place Pros with each group

Work on plans for any outside events planned during tournament week


The volunteer uniform is a key part of helping to identify volunteers at Black Desert Resort Championship presented by MARCELLA.

Contact the Director of Ambassadors at gina@blackdesertresort.com.


Have any questions? Who, what, where, and when are all easy questions to answer. The frequently asked questions document can help answer more specific questions you might have about volunteering at Black Desert Resort Championship presented by MARCELLA.